Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should I have my awning professionally cleaned?

There are many reasons to have your awning professionally cleaned, the following are just a few:
-It is much more cost-effective to maintain your awning than to replace it.
-Cleaning removes the pollution, dirt, bird-droppings, mildew and other contaminants that cause your awning to weaken and age prematurely.
-Clean awnings not only look better, they last longer !


Q. Why hire A + Awning Cleaning Services to do the job?

A + Awning Cleaning Services takes prides in being “The Awning Care Professionals.” We are the premier company in the Tri-State Area that specializes in awning cleaning. We have the right products, equipment and techniques to do the job properly. We are a reliable, professional organization that stands behind our work. By choosing A + to do the job, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to insure your satisfaction.


Q. What is the typical life-span of an awning?

While all fabrics have a life-span, it is difficult to say just how long an awning fabric will last. In an extremely harsh environment an awning may only last 5-7 years. In a more favorable environment the same awning may last 10-12 years. In the Tri-State Area the average life-span of an awning is 8-10 years, however we have seen some awnings last more than 15 years.


Q. Will Cleaning weaken the fabric or stitching of the awning?

Professional Cleaning itself will not weaken the fabric or stitching of your awning. We do however, see some stitching come loose in awnings over 5 years old. Although cleaning is not the cause, it may reveal this condition. It is not unusual for the cotton and poly-blend composition of stitching to break down (dry rot) from UV exposure anywhere from 5-10 years however the acrylic awning fabric is much stronger. The good news is that it still makes more sense to pay for re-stiching than to replace the awning.


Q. If my awning does need repairs or re-stitching, do you handle that?

A Plus Awning Cleaning Services does not repair or re-stitch awnings. Typically, we refer this work back to the awning company that made or services your awning. If you do not have an awning company we can out-source the repair work for you.


Q. How do you clean the awnings?

A + Awning Cleaning Services has developed a unique, four-part cleaning process, utilizing state of the art cleaning products, sealers and protectants in combination with our hand cleaning techniques. We use “soak” tanks, specially built wash decks, air-drying systems and fabric-protectant re-treatment stations. We do not employ high-pressure or mechanical equipment.


Q. How clean can you get my awning? It is extremely dirty !

Our results are dramatic. We often hear the words “THAT’S AMAZING” upon completion of a job. Most environmental and biological dirt and contaminants can be removed from an awning however paint, rust and permanent stains can not. Attempting to do so could cause even more damage to the fabric.


Q. Can an awning be cleaned with a power-washer?

Awnings are not meant to be cleaned with power-washers. It is more likely the awning will be damaged or destroyed by the excessive force of these machines. Most awning fabrics have less than 300 pounds of hydro-static pressure capability. Most pressure-washers are over 1,000 PSI.


Q. How often does my awning need to be cleaned?

It is generally recommended that your awning be cleaned at least every 2-3 years. However, the frequency will depend on the environment and accumulation of dirt. We clean some awnings every year due to tree-sap, mildew, leaves, ect.


Q. Is awning cleaning expensive?

No. Cleaning is a fraction of the cost of replacement and can extend the life of your awning.


Q. Should I have my awning cleaned on-site or when it comes down?

If your awning is the type that comes down for the winter, it is preferable to have it done during the off-season. However, we do offer on-site cleaning from April through September weather permitting.

Q. How do I schedule my cleaning?

Scheduling your awning cleaning is easy, simply call our toll-free number and speak to one of friendly employees. We will be happy to work with either you or your awning company to make arrangements.